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Happy 21 Aub!  / Dad
Happy 21st Birthday Aubrey!  Still so loved.  Still so missed.  We will celebrate together again!
Love Dad
Happy birthday!  / Katie Malcolm (friend)
I can still remember the good times we had! Wishin there were more opportunities... Happy birthday, girl.... miss ya!
until then ..  / Nella (visitor)
Until Then

I am always here with you
wherever you go
I often hear you cry
and I love you so
I wish to hear you laugh
unitl you fall upon the ground
do this in memory of me
I don't like to see you frown
don't forget the way I smiled
or the things that I said
the memories are all around you
they're not just in your head
I'm sorry I left so soon
and forgot to say goodbye
they needed me up here in a hurry
so I could spread my wings and fly
I promise they are treating me well
and I've found a friend or two
I'm an angel here in Heaven
so I can watch over you
thank you for the love
that I felt everyday
so strong is our bond
life cannot take it away
I look forward to the day
when we meet again
celebrate my life
and hold me in your heart until then.
To my little girl.....  / Bob Sweeting (Father)

My oldest Daughter Aubrey died and went to be with her Savior Jesus Christ on January 2, 2005. 

Aubrey's life reminds me of a red rose, so beautiful in bloom.  But the season is always too short.

Aubrey was loved and cherished by so many, enough to fill a dozen lifetimes.  Always full of hugs and "I Love You's" and an amazing smile and colorful personality, to leave an impression on whomever she met. 

If you are reading this, Aubrey would want you to know one thing!  "Trust in the Lord because everything else will fail you.  Don't try to understand things but allow Jesus to direct your path."  

We miss Aubrey so much but know it is also only temporary until we are reunited with her in Heaven.  Aubrey was promised life after death when she accepted Jesus.  Aubrey loved God and would pray with me just before bed many nights and ask God to watch over her friends and family She knew God's love was unconditional and she was forever His child.

We love you and miss you Aub!   

Love forever,  Dad

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